How to Choose the Right Dog Food for Your Dog

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Read the Ingredients

Best dog food: Whole food ingredients (veggies, meats, fruits, grains), clear protein source (top 3 ingredients), healthy fats (flax, canola, salmon oil), no excess preservatives or fillers (wheat, soy).

Consider Your Dog’s Weight and Activity Level

Prevent over/underfeeding: Know dog's weight, calorie needs, and activity level. Avoid malnutrition and obesity.

Wet or Dry Dog Food

Wet vs. dry dog food: Water content differs. Dry is cheaper, longer shelf life; no refrigeration. Wet has fresh ingredients, flavors; dental health matters. Try both to see preference.

Look Out for "Buzzwords"

Watch out for dog foods claiming 90% protein but not factoring in water content, reducing nutritional value. Beware of "dinner" labels packed with other ingredients lowering protein content.

Try Out Samples

Try samples or refunds to find a good food match for your dog. Watch for signs of allergies. Consult a vet before rushing the decision.

Consider Your Particular Dog Breed

Consider breed when choosing dog food; different breeds thrive with different ingredients. Research breed-specific needs for wet/dry food choice.

Carefully Transition Your Dog Between Foods

Switch dog food gradually over 1-2 weeks to prevent digestive issues. Monitor bowel movements for tolerance.

Switch Up Your Dog's Food Over Time

Vary dog's diet every 3-6 months for health and prevent allergies. Owner's choice matters; happy, active dog with healthy stool and appetite. Consult vet for issues/allergies.