Indoor Activities To Keep Your Dog Happy On Rainy Days

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Hide and Seek

Hide & Seek: Dog seeks as I hide in house. "Stay" keeps dog still. Call dog, enjoy the chase! Reward seeker with treats. Fun game

Cup Game

Cup/Shell game: 3 cups, 1 treat. Hide treat, let dog sniff cups. Vary difficulty/make dog point. Fun and engaging!

Puzzle Games

Dog puzzles: exercise mind and body. Buy or DIY. Knobs, drawers hide treats. Watch them problem-solve. Find at stores/online. Engaging

Towel Game

Towel game: Lay towel, add treats. Fold/roll up for challenge. Dog noses to find treasure. Engaging, takes minutes. No toys needed.

StairMaster Fetch

Indoor ball game: Check dog's stairs ability. If confident, healthy joints, loves fetch, use carpeted stairs to wear them out.

Sniff and Seek

Play "sniff and seek" indoors with your dog using treats or toys. Hide items, teach them to find. Consider Nose Work sport if they enjoy it.

Learn a New Trick

Bad weather? Teach dog new tricks! Reinforce obedience or add to their skills. Weave, turn off lights, toy recognition, and clean up.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Create indoor obstacle course for your dog with cushions, brooms, chairs. They'll love running, jumping, ducking, weaving. Hurdles, crawling, cushion hopping!

Dog TV

Use favorite animal videos on TV (YouTube) to calm/focus dogs indoors. Try wildlife, dogs, cats. Increase volume. Worth a try for cute head tilts!

Doggie in the Middle

Two-person indoor activity: Toss toy back and forth with dog. Let them win sometimes to keep it fun. Motivates them to play along.